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12/09/2013  FinancialTimes:  Shale gas boom helps US chemicals exports

12/08/2013  WallStreetJournal:  Finding Safety in Shale if Oil Weakens

12/02/2013  FinancialTimes:  Dow Chemical to spin off low-margin assets

10/24/2013  HydrocarbonProcessing:  US exports of NGLs poised to quadruple by 2020

09/18/2013  HoustonChronicle:  Huntsman adds pigments to its palette

01/17/2012  Forbes:  GPCA 2011 forum: Moving downstream

07/28/11  Gulf Daily:  Dow Chemical posts $982m net income

12/03/10  ChemWeek:  Sabic Grows and Diversifies

08/25/10  WallStreetJournal:  Positive Chemical Reaction to Iran Sanctions

07/27/10  ICIS:  Advantage US?

04/12/10  Emirites Business:  Capacity addition will not cut methanol price

03/02/10   BusinessWeek:  Dow sells styron to Bain Capital

02/24/10   Wall Street Journal:  Chemicals Benefit From Persian Gulp

02/23/10   Wall Street Journal:  Huntsman results beat expectations

02/20/10   Reuters:  Huntsman results beat expectations

02/09/10   FoxBusiness:  Celanese Counts On Cigarette Smoking

2/2/10   BusinessWeek:  Dow Profit Tops Analysts' Estimates

2/2/10   Reuters:  Dow Chemical profit beats

2/2/10   Wall Street Journal:  Dow Chemical Posts Q4 Profit

1/27/10   Wall Street Journal:  DuPont Swings To Q4 Profit

1/26/10    Reuters:  DuPont post profit, raises forecast

1/26/10    Marketwatch:  Dupont seen swingint to profit

1/22/10    Bloomberg: Braskem to top Dow on Quattor deal

12/29/09    Wall Street Journal: Chemical Reaction to Exxon's Bet on Gas

12/20/09    Emirates Business 24|7: Low gas prices benefitting GCC petrochem producers

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